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Astros, Dodgers Most Profitable Teams at Break

The Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers were the two most profitable MLB teams at the break. The Astros are tops in baseball with a 20.9 unit profit, while the Dodgers are second at +18.8 units. Four teams below .500 are showing a profit, with Kansas City close at 43-43.

One reason people love baseball or hate it from a betting standpoint is the odds. The Washington Nationals are 52-36 but show a 1.1-unit loss. The Cleveland Indians are worse. Despite a 47-40 record the Indians have given backers a flat bet loss of 18.5 units.

But real bad is real bad no matter how you look at it. The Giants and Phillies have the two worst records. They also are the teams that have the biggest losses for their backers. The Cubs are living off last year’s reputation and are the third-worst team from a betting perspective. But don’t bet against the Cubs if they are facing a lefty. Chicago is +7.1 units against southpaws, trailing only the Rockies, who are +8.3.

The Toronto Blue Jays have been the worst against lefties, showing a loss of 11.9 units and a 7-15 record. Cleveland is again near the bottom despite a 17-16 record.

The Cubs are easily the worst team against right-handed starts, showing a loss of over 28 units and a 29-39 record. But oddsmakers are catching up. The Cubs were underdogs 20 times against right-handers from June 1 to the break. That’s after being an underdog 16 times in April and May.

Hosuton again is the top team. Arizona is second and the Dodgers are third. Somehow, San Diego and Kansas City are tied for 7th. Both show a profit of 6.0 units. The Padres are 30-34 against righties. The Royals are 34-32.

The Phillies have the worst record in baseball. They are a dismal 19-44 and second-worst in the league with a loss of 21.8 units. The Giants are the only other team to show a loss of 20 units.

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