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NBA Finals MVP Update: Durant, Curry On Top

Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry now sit on top of the odds in the latest NBA Finals MVP update.

After a dominating triple-double performance from Kevin Durant in Game 1, Durant shot up the NBA Finals MVP future odds. In Game 2, both Durant and Curry had good showings but it was Curry’s who’s start shined the brightest on that night. Both of those games the Warriors won.

After that dominating performance by the Warriors, Durant and Curry are now the two favorites to win the Finals MVP award.

LeBron James was the favorites prior to Game 1 to win the award and while his performance has been great, it has not been the type of show Durant and Curry have been putting on.

You can see the full odds below pulled from Bovada.

Odds to win 2017 NBA Finals MVP UPDATED

Kevin Durant (Warriors) 2/7
Stephen Curry (Warriors) 11/5
LeBron James (Cavaliers) 17/2
Draymond Green (Warriors) 40/1
Klay Thompson (Warriors) 60/1
Kyrie Irving (Cavaliers) 75/1
Kevin Love (Cavaliers) 150/1
Andre Iguodala (Warriors) 500/1
Tristan Thompson (Cavaliers) 500/1
JR Smith (Cavaliers) 2000/1

Opening NBA Finals MVP Odds
LeBron James (Cavaliers) 39/20
Kevin Durant (Warriors) 2/1
Stephen Curry (Warriors) 9/4
Draymond Green (Warriors) 8/1
Kyrie Irving (Cavaliers) 15/1
Kevin Love (Cavaliers) 25/1
Klay Thompson (Warriors) 25/1
Andre Iguodala (Warriors) 100/1
Tristan Thompson (Cavaliers) 150/1
JR Smith (Cavaliers) 200/1
Ian Clark (Warriors) 500/1
Kyle Korver (Cavaliers) 500/1
JaVale McGee (Warriors) 750/1
Deron Williams (Cavaliers) 1000/1
David West (Warriors) 1500/1
Zaza Pachulia (Warriors) 1500/1

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