Kawhi Leonard, Spurs

Bruce Bowen calls out Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard for situation in San Antonio

The Kawhi Leonard era of the San Antonio Spurs appears to be coming to an end. The star forward has let it be known that he has no intention of staying with the Spurs. He wants out and he desires to play for the Los Angeles Lakers.


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Leonard would like to be traded to the Lakers. Although, the team seems reluctant to bend to his will at this point. The Spurs may fully intend to keep him until he can leave the team in free agency next summer, but what is irking former Spurs player  Bruce Bowen is the fact Leonard has yet to say anything publicly, via ESPN.

“Not one time has Kawhi come out and said anything to the effect of, ‘You know what, hey, I really enjoy being in San Antonio.’ Or, ‘I can’t stand what’s going on here in San Antonio,’ ” Bowen said. “Not one time has he said anything.”


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There’s no telling how this situation will pan out in San Antonio. There’s been no clear indication as to the true intentions of both sides. Leonard’s actions are telling, though. Especially the fact he didn’t even travel with the team during their short playoff run this year.

The Lakers, however, are trying to build a title contender right away this summer with hopes of landing multiple superstars one way or another. Los Angeles has their sights set on LeBron James, Paul George and Leonard, but it remains to be seen whether they’ll get one, two or all of these stars to propel them to title-contending status.

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