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Lamar Odom Probably Missing, Definitely On Drugs

Have you seen this man?

Have you seen this man?

Over the last few days gossip site TMZ has been posting increasingly disconcerting updates on NBA free agent forward Lamar Odom. There have been reports for months that his marriage to Khloe Kardashian is on the rocks, due to his rumored infidelity—but really, who expected that to last?

Marriage problems are one thing, unfortunately it seems that Odom has been dealing with a lot more than that. According to TMZ, “multiple sources familiar with the situation” have confirmed that he’s been battling a drug problem for at least two years.

The addiction was bad enough last August that Kardashian threw her weight around and pushed Odom into rehab. Despite hiring security to monitor him at the facility, he bailed just three weeks into his stay. He obviously kept himself in check last season while playing for the L.A. Clippers, but he’s spun out of control during free agency.

Kardashian hasn’t pulled the plug on the marriage because of the cheated because she believes the drugs have played a big part in his philandering.

An already bad situation has really eroded over the last week. After an intervention, which was scheduled for last Wednesday, was a bust, Kardashian kicked Odom out of the house and he was seen with a friend loading luggage into his car.

That seems to be the last anyone has seen of him. Odom has been missing for the last few days and those close to him have been worried that he’s been on some kind of epic drug binge. Which, depending on which reports you believe, likely included either crack or oxycontin and Ambien. Others have been more vague, citing “hard core drugs” as his problem.

Apparently Odom’s rep has been in touch with TMZ, insisting that he’s not missing and is doing “fine.” However, his whereabouts remain unknown and his welfare continues to be of grave concern to those close to him.

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