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Tensions rise with James Harden missing another 76ers practice

The standoff between the Philadelphia 76ers and superstar guard James Harden continues. The team and the players are still unable to see eye-to-eye, which has boiled over and onto the practice floor. Harden has missed practice without an excused absence for the second straight day, leading to an awkward and tense atmosphere for the team moving forward.

Harden has been adamant throughout the entire process that he wants the team to trade him to the Los Angeles Clippers, but the 76ers have been reluctant to do so, even though they’ve been in talks with his desired destination. The Clippers know they have all the leverage, so they aren’t willing to overpay for Harden, which has led to this stalemate ahead of the season.


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New 76ers head coach Nick Nurse, however, is trying to concentrate on getting his team ready for the upcoming season while addressing the elephant in the room via ESPN.

“I think the organization has made it clear what’s going on,” coach Nick Nurse said at the 76ers’ New Jersey complex. “They’re working on stuff, as we say, day by day. We had a really good practice today. Very energetic. The guys that were here, that’s what we’re focused on.”

Nurse is saying all the right things and that he should because he can’t control what’s going on with the Harden situation and is waiting to see what happens like everyone else in the NBA right now.

“It’s been ongoing for a long time now,” Nurse said. “I’ve got a job to do with the guys that are here and we just go to work. If that changes, we’ll adjust. That’s what we do.”


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Only time will tell if this gets resolved sooner rather than later, as it seems inevitable a trade to the Clippers will get done, it’s just a matter of Philadelphia finally throwing up their hands and giving up in trade talks just to be rid of the disgruntled guard who has become a major distraction.

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