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NCAA Sleeper Teams Part 2

Yesterday we touched on a few teams that had a good chance of messing up your brackets and could potentially cost you a lot of money if you do not see them coming.  Today we are going to continue our analysis of teams that could take us by surprise during March Madness.  Here is another handful of teams that you need to be paying attention to.

Colorado State

Colorado State seems to crack under pressure.  Every time they have went up against a ranked team this season they have lost.  They do not have any big highlights in the talent department either.  So why could they potentially be a sleeper team this season?

You see, Colorado State ranks 3rd in the nation in rebounding.

If they can eventually pull it together and score some points off those rebounds this team could be a real threat.  If anything is a motivation to make a big offensive push it is March Madness.


Akron, when looking at the stats, does not seem like a remarkable team.  They seem like a run of the mill lower conference team that plays solid basketball.  This team, however, has won 18 consecutive games.  You simply do not win that many games without being a good basketball team.

Akron has all ready defeated MTSU, a team featured on our previous sleeper teams list.  They also pulled an impressive upset victory over Ohio earlier this year.

A highlight in Akron is also the superbly talented, 7’5” big man Zeke Marshall.  Marshall is a beast when blocking shots and has a solid shooting percentage (67 percent) and can sink free throws (85.1 percent from the line).  That is a good trait for a big man in the center who gets fouled often.  Watch Akron close or they could sneak up on you.

Virginia Common Wealth

Virginia Common Wealth is no strangers to facing off against ranked teams this season.  They have had impressive performances against said teams and even scored an upset win over the Memphis Tigers.  They also have the number 20 ranked Butler coming up.  This experience facing ranked teams is going to come in handy and will give Virginia Common Wealth a big edge that no one is really talking about come March Madness.

Virginia Common Wealth is no stranger to the brackets and yet every year they get ignored.  They could make another big run at the NCAA Championship this and be the team that shocks the college basketball world.

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