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Nevada Keeping Close Watch on New Jersey Case

There’s one state who has just as much of a vested interest in New Jersey’s case to be heard by the Supreme Court. That state is Nevada. But probably not for the reason you think. It has nothing to do with state’s taking money away from Nevada. But it it does have everything to do with legalization. While few people have talked about it, there is a slim chance that sports betting in Nevada could become illegal. It’s because of what is known as the equal sovereignty principle.

The equal sovereignty principle doesn’t actually exist on paper anywhere. But it does exist in the yes of the Supreme Court. And that’s all that really matters when it comes to the law. A famous case known as “Shelby County v. Holder” went before the Supreme Court. In their ruling they stated the Constitution contains “a fundamental principle of equal sovereignty among the States.” It doesn’t. But that’s another matter.

The Supreme Court could uphold PAPSA and rule against New Jersey. They could also declare PAPSA illegal and open the doors for states to allow sports betting. But there’s another thing the Supreme Court could do. It could rule PAPSA illegal on the grounds of equal sovereignty. That would remove the so-called “grandfather clause” that allows Nevada, Delaware, Oregon and Montana to offer some sort of sports betting. Sports betting would then be illegal everywhere. Delaware takes bets on parlay cards. But Nevada obviously has the most to lose.

Others believe equal sovereignty will help New Jersey. The Supreme Court wants to see all states given equal treatment. Allowing Nevada to offer full-blown sports betting and not New Jersey violates that principle. The Supreme Court knows what is at stake with their decision. They won’t take the matter lightly, but how they rule is another matter.

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