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New York Jets Have More Altercations in Sunday Practice

The New York Jets are just six days removed from their quarterback being floored with a right hook from a teammate in the team lockeroom, but it did not stop them from losing their cool on the football field on Sunday.

Two skirmishes broke out prompting head coach Todd Bowles to bring the practice to a stop. He then made all the players run five gassers, which was followed up with a tongue-lashing before practice began again.

In Sunday’s skirmishes, no punches landed as none were thrown. The two were normal scuffles with facemask grabbing with Quinton Coples a linebacker and Breno Giacomini a tackle in the first one and Jason Babin a linebacker and Dalton Freeman a center in the second one.

The second scuffle ended up with several players in a pile up, but it was defused quite quickly. Bowles warned the Jets at the beginning of preseason that he did not tolerate fighting and threatened expulsion from a practice and fines. When Babin and Freeman were finally separated, the team was aware something was coming. Their punishment was sprints in 95-degree heat with full pads.

When the sprints ended, many of the players were sucking big wind holding onto their knees.

Bowles said he had not lowered his tolerance following the Geno Smith altercation with IK Enemkpali.

Bowles said he did not mind arguments but wanted to make sure no one was given a cheap shots and when that happened they knew they would have to run it was only a matter of how much.

On Sunday, it appeared the defense was in a very chippy mood, which could have been because of the disappointing showing they had in their preseason debut.

Damon Harrison a nose tackle was especially on edge most of the practice even during his time on the sideline. Coach Bowles joked that Harrison was going to be an auctioneer when he finished football since he was so talkative.

The skirmishes were the camps first two not counting the locker room altercation. The was not that great happening so close to last week’s fight that will cost Geno Smith 6 to 10 weeks on the sideline.

Bowles said that much of it is caused by testosterone and they get tired and tempers flare. He summed it up by saying It is football.

The Jets were beaten in their preseason opening 23-3 by the Detroit Lions. The offense was nearly non-existent, while the defense had a hard time stopping the Lions offense, which makes a recipe for a loss.

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