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NFL: NFC East Week 6 In-Review

It was a rather mediocre weekend for a mediocre division in the NFL, with no clear front runner in the NFC East.  The division looks as though it will come down to either the Philadelphia Eagles or the Dallas Cowboys, but maybe we will also see a miraculous comeback for the Washington Redskins or the New York Giants.  Given this week, it seems doubtful.

New York Giants


The New York Giants remain winless after losing to the Chicago Bears this week, though, this is old news considering this happened on Thursday Night Football.  The Giants are now 0-6, with the only positive thing coming out of the Giants camp is all those stills of Eli Manning’s frustrated face all over the internet.

Redskins Fall to the Cowboys


The Dallas Cowboys crushed the Washington Redskins 31-16.   Robert Griffin III looked better than he has in previous weeks as he rushed for 77 yards.  He is still clearly not himself, though, as he lobbed wobbly, inaccurate passed all night, failing to complete 50 percent of his throws.

The Cowboys may end up in the playoffs as the No.1 team in the NFC East, but that is not going to carry them far.  The Cowboys have no run game.  Joseph Randle and Phillip Tanner combined for just 19 yards on 12 carries, averaging 1.58 yards per carry.  The Cowboys defense is also in need of improvement despite being able to shutdown RGIII, who was more of his own worst enemy.  The Cowboys are going to struggle against a Nick Foles Philadelphia Eagles squad next week, as Foles will attempt to breakdown the Cowboys defense with the long ball.  Speaking of the Eagles…

Philadelphia Eagles


Foles impressed in Sunday’s game against the Bucs, leading the Eagles to a victory despite Tampa Bay’s rookie QB, Mike Glennon, having a relatively good day.

Foles threw two incredible passes to DeSean Jackson and Riley Cooper, which prove that the Eagles will be just fine with Foles at the helm, in fact they may be better.

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