NFL Training Camp To Go Ahead As Planned On July 28

The NFL has declared that training camp will start on-time amidst doubt over whether it’s sensible to play the season.

Executive vice president Jeff Pash confirmed it on a conference call with league owners on Thursday. As for a plan of action for after training camp, Pash said there are ongoing ‘active discussions’.

This means that players will report to team facilities on July 28. However, it may be that not all players are able or willing to show up.

Players from the Texans, Cowboys, 49ers, Broncos and Buccaneers have tested positive for Covid-19 recently. As well as that, Devin and Jason McCourty have expressed concern and fear over playing a football season during a pandemic.


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NFL Chief Medical Officer Dr. Allen Sills has reassured players that a state-of-the-art testing program will be implemented.

Sills pledged to set up “a very ambitious testing program, one that will attempt to keep everyone in the team environment as safe as possible. That includes not only players, but also coaches, staff and everyone who will be together.”

“The NFLPA and the NFL are in the same exact place,” Sills said, “which is we want whatever makes the safest possible environment for all of our constituents, whether they be players, coaches, trainers, medical staff [or] anyone in that team environment. We’re going to work very hard to educate everyone about the steps that we feel collectively are going to be most effective in reducing risk for everyone.”


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“Again, this is all about risk reduction and trying to mitigate risk. We know that we can’t eliminate risk. We will work very much hand-in-hand with the players association. This is where everyone in that team environment is going to share the same risks, but they’ll also share the same responsibilities with each other, which means that everyone is going to be dependent on every other member of that team environment, for doing the very best that they can to implement these measures and keep themselves and their household members as safe as possible throughout the course of the season.”

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