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49ers’ George Kittle reveals why Tim Tebow wasn’t invited to TE camp

Over the last few years, George Kittle has become a vital member of the annual offseason Tight End University camp. It has brought many of the game’s best players at the position to workout together. However, this year’s group left a notable name off the list in Jacksonville Jaguars’ Tim Tebow.

With that in mind, Kittle didn’t waste any time in explaining why Tebow wasn’t invited.


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“If I can’t invite every tight end, how do I not invite a second- or third-string guy on a team that’s been playing tight end since he was 18 years old in high school?” Kittle said via ESPN. “Nothing against Tim Tebow. I hope that he has incredible success this year, I hope he has 10 touchdowns. I hope he has a great year, but it’s hard for me to invite someone to this that just started playing the position when I can’t invite a guy that’s been playing it for eight to 10 years. That’s just hard for me.”


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It’s nothing personal against Tebow, but he hasn’t proven himself as an NFL tight end. There is no certainty that he will be a productive player, let alone make the 53-man roster for the 2021 season.

In other words, Tebow has to prove on the field first that he can be a serviceable player. He will have training camp and the preseason to make his case to garner a 53-man roster spot.

Until he does that, any hope of being invited to the Tight End University camp is a pipe dream.

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