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Cowboys at Redskins for the NFC East

Games in the regular season don’t get any bigger than the game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins tonight. The winner of this game will win the NFC East and host a first round playoff game. The loser is likely out. In the case of the Cowboys, there is no likely, they are definitely out if they lose. There is a slight possibility the Redskins could still get in with a loss, but not a very good chance. By kickoff they will know whether that chance has evaporated or not.

Dallas is no stranger to this type of game. They faced this exact situation a year ago against the New York Giants. The winner would go on to the playoffs, the loser would go home. Dallas lost ad then sat at home and watched the Giants go on to win the Super Bowl. That had to hurt. Washington has not been in this situation in a while. Their fans are really fired up as they have been starved for a winner for a long time.

This game will be all about the two quarterbacks. Tony Romo  and Robert Griffin III are the unquestioned leaders of these two teams Griffin has had an amazing rookie season. Had it not been for Andrew Luck of the Colts and Russell Wilson of the Seahawks, Griffin would be having a rookie season nobody would soon forget. Next year, when rookie QBs go back to struggling, we will get some perspective on how great these three really have been.

The New York Giants still have a slight shot at making the playoffs as well. They have to beat the Philadelphia Eagles and then hope the Cowboys, Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings all lose. The Vikings and Cowboys face tough opposition with the Cowboys facing the Skins and Vikings facing the Green Bay Packers. But the Bears go up against the 4-11 Detroit Lions, which makes the Giants unlikely to advance.

Bookmaker has the odds on today’s NFC East games

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants- The Eagles are +6.5

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