Eagles vs. Cardinals Recap

The Eagles were away in Arizona this week to face the Cardinals and their impressive defense. This game was big as the Eagles, Cowboys, Cardinals and Broncos were the only teams left in the NFL with one loss going into this week. The Eagles and Cowboys have been going back and forth at the top of the NFC East all season and every win counts as they prep for their Thanksgiving Day showdown.

On Sunday, the Eagles weren’t able to keep one loss on their record, losing to the Cardinals 24-20. Rookie John Brown wowed the crowd with a 75-yard touchdown pass on a third down from Carson Palmer with 1:21 left to play in the fourth quarter, stunning the Eagles.

The highly anticipated match-up was not a disappointment in the entertainment category, although Philly fans would probably disagree. At the end of the game, the Eagles were able to drive to the Arizona 16 but Jordan Matthews caught a pass from Nick Foles that ended up out of bounds. Foles completed 36 of 62 pass attempts, getting two touchdowns, totaling 411 yards.

The Cardinals defense was able to slow Foles and the Eagles offense, gaining two interceptions, both by Antonio Cromartie. The second interception up Chandler Catanzaro’s 28-yard field goal which tied up the game 17-17 with 9:02 to play.

Maclin was able to catch 12 passes for 187 yards and scored two touchdowns. In a collision with Bucannon, Maclin’s helmet hit Peterson’s helmet and he left the game with a possible concussion. Maclin was evaluated for a concussion as well but was able to return to play a few plays after.

It was a tough loss for the Eagles but they are not out yet. The Cardinals with a big win have made themselves a possible contender in the playoffs.

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