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NHL: Games to Watch for the Week of March 11

We got a lot of big games on the NHL schedule this week.  Games that are going to be fun to watch, and games that are going to be fun to bet on.  With the Blackhawks historic streak ending, teams are now know that the ‘Hawks are not invincible and can be overtaken.  Teams will be looking to make a statement this week that they are the team to beat in the NHL now that the Blackhawks have fallen.

Boston Bruins @ Ottawa Senators (March 11)

The Boston Bruins are the better hockey team out of this pairing and have the record to prove it.  They are 16-3-3 compared to the Senators 13-8-4.  However, the Bruins are the visiting team.  The Senators are great when playing from home and have pulled out a fair share of upset victories this season when playing on home ice.  While the Bruins may have an edge, do not completely count out the Senators.

Boston Bruins @ Pittsburgh Penguins (March 12)

Both the Bruins and the Pittsburgh Penguins are on the top of each of their respective divisions.  Both these teams also are a shoe-in for the playoffs, so what happens when they collide later this week?

The Bruins will be playing two tough away games in two days when they meet the Penguins.  A lot of how the Bruins play will obviously depend upon how exhausting and brutal the previous nights game is.  If the Bruins come into this game with some positive momentum they will likely defeat the Penguins at home.  If they come in tired and unhealthy, the Penguins will likely win.  Either way this one is going to be a good one.

Detroit Red Wings @ Vancouver Canucks (March 16)

I really like games like these.  By “these”I mean that these two teams have historically been the kings of their division and have just recently been dethroned.  Both these teams are middle of the pack teams in terms of odds of winning the Stanley Cup.  What that means is both these teams play with a huge chip on their shoulders.  In this game both these teams are going to try to make a statement by dominating the other team.

Not to mention both these teams are number two in their division with other solid hockey teams only a few games behind them and gunning to take that number two spot.  The Red Wings have to worry about both the Nashville Predators and the St. Louis Blues, while the Canucks have the Minnesota Wild uncomfortable close behind them.

Both these teams need this win and are going to fight hard for it.

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