NHL Sunday (March 3, 2013) Preview

The NHL is offering up another Sunday filled with great hockey.  Here is a preview of the big games to watch and bet on today.

Blackhawks versus Red Wings

There are a couple big reasons why this is the biggest hockey game of the weekend.  First, this is a show down between division rivals.  Traditionally the Red Wings have held the top spot in the division with the Blackhawks striving to topple them.  This season the tables have turned and the Red Wings sit at 10-8-3 chasing the Blackhawks, who have an astonishing 18-0-3 record.

The second reason this game is a big one is because the Red Wings, despite their lackluster record, are always going to be looked at as a big team because of their past.  That’s why this game is on National TV and that is why their is a ton of excitement surrounding this game.

The Blackhawks are favored with a -1.5 point spread.

St. Louis Blues versus Dallas Stars

These two teams both sit somewhere in the middle of the pack in the standings.  The Blues are 11-7-2 compared to the stars 10-9-2.   Both the Stars and the Blues have hit some rough patches as of late.  The Blues have only won two of their last five games while the Stars have lost four of their last six.  This is a battle to turn the tide of luck as both these teams are looking to get hot and still hang on for their chances at a run at the cup.  The last time these two teams met it was a close on with the Blues hanging on for a 4-3 victory as the Stars nearly made a come back late in the second period.

The Blues are favored with a -1.5 point spread.

Vancouver Canucks versus Calgary Flames

These two teams are very familiar with each other at this point as it is their third meeting.  The Canucks have won both those encounters.  The last encounter the Canucks dominated 5-1.  We will now get to see if the Flames have learned anything between now and then when these two Canadian rivals clash.

It is not going to help the Flames any that the Canucks are riding high.  They recently stifled a LA King’s hot strake, bringing a Kings five-game winning streak to a screeching stop.  Can the Flames similarly stop the Canucks?

The point spread favors the Canucks at -1.5. 


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