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NHL Update: How the Burins and Pens Advanced

There were winners and losers over the weekend in the NHL as we now have a clear picture for the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Boston Bruins were able to clearly illustrate just how dangerous they are as a team in their 4-1 series victory over their neighbors and rivals the New York Rangers.

The Bruins offense works like a well oiled machine.  Daniel Paille, Shawn Thorton and Gregory Campbell put up four goals and six assists combined.  They also clearly kept other teams on edge as fists being thrown was not a rarity in this series.

The Bruins are heading into the Eastern Conference Finals as a team that should be feared.  However, the Pittsburgh Penguins look like a team that is not going to fear anybody.
The Penguins are the No.1 seed, however, their path to the Eastern Conference Finals.  The Pens have had trouble in the goalie position and in other defensive areas.  The Pens even had a scare when the Ottawa Senator took an early lead in their series.Pittsburgh, though, are no slouches.  There is a reason why they are in the Eastern Conference Finals and why a lot of people have picked them to take the Stanley Cup.  The Penguins have a mean power play and never deviate from their game plan which clearly works for them.  It is a simple game plan of getting the puck past defenses and then playing extremely aggressive hockey.Now that the Pens and the Bruins are going head to head these two power house teams that seem nearly unbeatable are going to collide.

The Penguins are likely to be the favorites in this series as they are the No.1 seed, though the money lines have yet to be released.  Keep you eye here for betting updates in what is going to be an intense series.

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