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Packers Continue To Hype Jordan Love Ahead Of 2023 Season

If it’s good enough for Aaron Rodgers, it’s good enough for Jordan Love and how the Packers hope that’s true.

The biggest offseason question surrounding Green Bay is whether quarterback Jordan Love can fill the Rodgers-shaped hole in the team.

Head coach Matt LaFleur believes the work of quarterbacks coach Tom Clements gives Jordan Love every chance of success.

Clements was highly valued by Rodgers, and LaFleur hopes he can repeat the trick with Love. 


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In his first two seasons, Love threw for 606 yards with 60.2% completion and three touchdowns in ten appearances. His story is similar to that of Rodgers, who was the understudy to Brett Favre for three seasons before taking the reins. 

“Just watching him last year. I think Jordan’s made some huge strides,” LaFleur said. 

“I really do and I think a lot of it is a credit to Tom, and just, he knows how to train these guys. He knows how to drill them and he’s very, very consistent, he doesn’t sugarcoat anything. He just is matter of fact and I think there’s no doubt.

“Aaron would praise him and give him so much credit in his own development,” LeFleur said. “I think anytime you got a player like that, especially of that talent and how much you respect a guy like Aaron, you always listen to that.”


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“I asked Jordan after the season how he felt about him and he said he loved Tom, and thought he did a helluva job helping him, you know, develop over the course of the year,” LaFleur said.

“He does a great job, too, not only with the quarterbacks but just helping out with our offense and bringing suggestions and great ideas. You know, it’s been a fun process getting to know him and just the standards that he holds, that room, too, and he does a hell of a job.”

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