Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes: ‘Let’s Keep It Rolling’

The Kansas City Chiefs don’t plan to rest on their laurels and next year, quarterback Patrick Mahomes won’t be injured.

Patrick Mahomes played much of the postseason on a high ankle sprain after injuring himself in the AFC Championship game.

He felt a little better heading into the Super Bowl against Philadelphia, but aggravated it again during the game.

Patrick Mahomes came out again for the second half as the Chiefs completed a comeback from 10 points down.


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He finished with 21-of-27 passes for 182 yards and three touchdowns as well as 44 yards rushing. 

“Once you have that high ankle sprain, when any little tweak like that happens, it just really magnifies it,” Mahomes explained

“Coming into the game, I felt way better than I did in the Cincinnati game. … Luckily we were able to get into halftime and get some new tape on (the ankle) and some movement to try and get some mobility back.”

“I’ll for sure be ready for OTAs and everything like that,” he said. “Obviously we will to continue to rehab, continue the treatment that we were doing, just give it some rest. I mean, I think the best thing for it is going to be rest.”


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“Taking in this whole year, and everything that’s come with it, man, I just want to thank my teammates,” he said. “It was a heck of a run.

“It’s been an amazing run these last five, six years,” Mahomes said, “and let’s keep it rolling.”

The Chiefs are certainly in the mood to continue dominating. Tight end Travis Kelce mirrored Mahomes’ comments following their second Super Bowl in four years.

“All I know is we’re coming back next year with our heart and the right mindset to try and get another one — I’ll tell you that right now.”

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