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Is Peyton Manning is a Patriots level cheater? Maybe!

It seems the England Patriots may not be the only NFL team that has cheated in recent memory. According to former Indianapolis Colts offensive lineman Tarik Glenn, the Colts had their offensive linemen using illegal hearing aids on the road years ago.

“We were playing on the road, it might have been Peyton’s rookie year, and it was really loud,” Glenn said, per Clifton Brown of the Indianapolis Star. “Peyton hadn’t mastered the silent count, so (former offensive line coach) Howard Mudd had us wearing these hearing aids that were supposed to muffle the crowd while projecting the quarterback’s voice.

 It’s hard to imagine the NFL will do any deep digging on this subject, since it happened so long ago. However, using a hearing aid of any kind would absolutely be illegal in the NFL and would be subject to penalty.

The benefit of using an aid that would potentially block out crowd noise on the road is invaluable. Essentially, it would take away the home-field advantage that makes is so much more difficult to execute offense due to crowd noise.

Again, the NFL likely won’t penalize the Colts, given the fact it occurred about 20 years ago. But it proves that other teams besides the Patriots are prone to cheating.

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