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Robert Kraft: You Can’t Win Without A First-Rate Quarterback

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has urged the new leadership group to take a quarterback in the upcoming draft.

New England is transitioning to a new, younger leadership group during unprecedented times for the franchise. This will be the first time the Patriots have selected third overall in the draft in Kraft’s time as owner.

Gone is the security of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. The Patriots are looking back on a 4-13 season with no elite quarterback and no star free agency recruits. 


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The Patriots have brought back Jacoby Brissett on a short term contract. However, securing a franchise quarterback is of paramount importance. So much so that the situation has caused New England to miss out on other deals.

“There was one outstanding receiver that unfortunately we couldn’t close,” Robert Kraft said

“It was not because of finance. He made clear his girlfriend wanted to be in the South, and we had a situation where the taxes were, like, almost 10 percent higher and we offered and were willing to keep going at that premium, but he didn’t want to be in the Northeast.

“Part of it might be the quarterback situation as well.

“As a fan, I put my fan hat on and I definitely would (draft a quarterback),” Kraft said. “In the end, you can’t win in this league consistently unless you have a first-rate quarterback and a first-rate coach.”


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“We’re gonna be open to whatever can come our way,” Kraft said. “In the end, I’ll let the team make the decision what they think is best. One way or another, I’d like to see us get a top-rate, young quarterback.”

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