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Ron Rivera On Sam Howell: We’ve Got A Guy

Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera believes Sam Howell puts an end to his endless quarterback search.

In three seasons at the helm, Ron Rivera has had eight starting quarterbacks. While Sam Howell has only one appearance from last season, he’s looked assured in preseason.

Sam Howell had 188 yards and two touchdowns with 19-of-25 passing against the Baltimore Ravens on Monday night.

Ron Rivera expressed palpable relief over the fact that he’s finally found his guy under center.


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“I think there’s not that question mark still, you know what I’m saying?” Rivera said. 

“For three seasons, I’ve always felt that I had a question mark and now it feels like, ‘OK, this is pretty good.’ I mean, I’m pretty comfortable, pretty confident and I look forward to seeing it. I really do.

“You know my first three years, every year it was a conversation,” Rivera added. 

“Every year it was a point of discussion. Every year it was, ‘Well, what are we gonna do? How are we gonna do it?’ And then trying to figure out what resources could you use? You know, do we try to trade for this guy? I mean, the amount of work that was done two years ago, I mean, you spent a lot of time because you wanna get it right, you try to get it right and you know how important it is, especially in this league today.”


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“We feel very strongly,” Rivera said. “I know I do going into this season, that we’ve got a guy.”

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