Rory McIlroy Is A Bad Breaker Upper

PGA golfer Rory McIlroy and Dutch tennis player Caroline Wozniacki had been dating since 2011 when they got engaged late last year. Sadly, wedding bells would never ring for the couple, as McIlroy broke things off earlier this month.

The breakup was initially painted as mutual, but details have since come to light that suggest it was anything but.

It was McIlroy who first announced the engagement was off, noting that he was simply not yet ready for marriage. Probably something Wozniacki wished he would’ve pondered before they sent out wedding invitations.

Also likely on Wozniacki’s wish list? How about a face-to-face conversation? She and McIlroy had been together nearly four years, but the New York Times recently revealed the relationship ended over the phone.

Ugh. And not one of those long conversations where both parties laugh and cry and walk away feeling like, despite the hurt, something was accomplished.

According to the Sunday Times of London, McIlroy dumped Wozniacki during a three-minute phone conversation. That’s less than one minute for every year the two were together! Sorry, but that’s just wrong.

And why three minutes anyway? What could McIlroy have said in three minutes that couldn’t have been said in one?

It was probably one minute of breakup and two minutes of Wozniacki crying and yelling until McIlroy pretended like he was driving through a tunnel, crackled a candy wrapper and hung up.


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