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Russell Westbrook Records Fourth Straight Triple-Double

Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook is putting up MVP numbers and not even cheek surgery and a plastic mask can hold him back. On Wednesday night, Westbrook heard chants of MVP, MVP from the crowd at the Chesapeake Energy Arena. Leading the crowd on was Kevin Durant, Westbrook’s teammate who was dressed in a grey suit due to a lingering foot problem,

Durant, the reigning NBA MVP has received those chants showered down on him and knows how hard you have to play to receive them and was happy to enjoy the moment with his super talented teammate.

Six days ago, Westbrook received a dent the size of a quarter on the side of his face after he recorded his third consecutive triple-double. Just four days ago, Westbrook underwent surgery to repair a slight fracture in his cheek. He missed one game and returned against Philadelphia on Wednesday.

With a protective shield covering his cheek and a white headband to hold his mask in place, Westbrook did not just pick up where he had left off, but went one level higher. His new mask might just have made him the country’s latest superhero.

Westbrook played 42 minutes on Wednesday and scored 49 points a career high, grabbed 16 rebounds a career high and dished out 10 assists. It was his fourth straight triple double, which has not been accomplished since 1989 when Michael Jordan did so.

Coach Scott Brooks like many others, thought Westbrook would need at least a pair of games to become accustomed to his new mask. Brooks was wrong and so were the rest of us.

Yes, the game was against the 76ers who have won just 13 games and yes, the game went to overtime as the Thunder withstood a rally by Philadelphia. However, forget about that.

Westbrook has moved up another level in the NBA to elite status. The only thing remotely bothering the talented guard on Wednesday was his mask, as he had to constantly adjust it while playing. Even following a coast-to-coast dunk of two hands during the first quarter, Westbrook landed and the first thing he did was reach for his mask to adjust it.

Brett Brown the coach of the 76ers heaped praise on Westbrook calling him highly competitive and incredibly talented, which makes for an incredible combination few others have.

Oklahoma City had needed somewhat of a superhero this season, as they are trying to hold onto the eighth and final playoff spot in the Western Conference due to injuries most of the season for Durant and to start the season for Westbrook. Durant has played just 27 of 61 games this season suffering four different injuries. Westbrook has missed 15. Fourteen for a fractured hand and 1 last week for his cheek bone.

Even with Durant on the sideline, the Thunder look strong and why wouldn’t they, since talented guarded is the league’s new superhero.

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