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San Francisco Giants Need a Pitcher and Outfielder Before Trade Deadline

Last season fans of the San Francisco Giants begged Brian Sabean the general manager to bolster the team’s offense.

Jake Peavy a starting pitcher was traded for before the deadline, but no trades were made to better the team’s offense. However, things ended up fine for the Giants as they went on to win the World Series.

However, San Francisco is having another tough time of it this summer and a few acquisitions might help the club move ahead of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The pitching depth on the Giants is stellar. However, it lacks a top-of-the-line proven starter to be a complement to ace Madison Bumgarner.

The Giants have been plagued by injuries to players in the outfield, as well as being short a southpaw reliever.

Mat Latos a starting pitcher for the Miami Marlins should be high on the Giants radar. This season has not been at a par with previous ones, which means he could come cheap to the club. Latos has been a consistent pitcher before this season and of late, he seems to be coming around and finding his old self again. In his last start versus the Cubs he gave up just one hit in seven innings and his ERA for June was 3.31.

Jon Niese is a starting pitcher for the New York Mets who could help the Giants tremendously. The Giants have a myriad of pitchers who can be starters but not all have been reliable during the first half of the season. Four of the pitchers Tim Hudson, Matt Cain, Jack Peavy and Tim Lincecum had all spent time this season on the disabled list.

Peavy and Cain have pitched well since coming back from the DL, but if they can remain consistent or healthy is the unknown that is worrisome for Giants coaches. Peavy did not pitch well in the postseason last year.

With pitchers also becoming free agents at season end, the Giants need someone who could fill a spot and Niese could be that pitcher. He has an ERA of 3.90 this season.

He has a contract that is good through the end of 2016 and could be a mid rotation workhorse for the Giants.

Gerardo Parra the center fielder for the Milwaukee Brewers would be a great pick up for the Giants. When the Giants are all healthy their outfield is strong, but of late they have not been all that healthy and their play is suffering.

Parra is having a strong season with the Brewers with 8 home runs and 26 runs batted in. He has played both left and center field this season and could play all three outfield positions for the Giants.

Not being a big name, he could come much less expensive than other players.

Without making adjustments to personnel, the Giants likely will not have the same outcome this season as they enjoyed last season.

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