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Silva Superfights Should Still Happen

It is an odd time to be covering betting in the UFC with UFC on Fox 8 still a week away and the next UFC pay-per-view event not happening until August, it may seem there is not a lot to cover.  For me, however, there is no better time than to think about superfights that we all want to see happen in the UFC.

I’ve made it no secret that I want to see a Georges St. Pierre-Anderson Silva super fight.   However, after Silva dropped the ball and got KOéd by Chris Weidman, not only losing the UFC Middleweight Championship but also losing the title of best pound for pound fighter, the dream-fight between these two MMA superstars seems farther away than ever.  Another superfight that people want to see is a match between Silva and Jon Jones.  Again this may not be likely.

That fight cost Georges St-Pierre and Jon Jones and Anderson Silva a lot of money. In those superfights, he was the link to both of them; so there you go.

-Dana White

So Silva was not the unstoppable force we all built him up to be.  Does that really mean that these superfights are now off the table?

Let’s not forget that GSP has a couple of losses on his record that could hypothetically disqualify him from a superfight if that is the standard we are taking.  GSP was TKOéd by Matt Serra at UFC 69 and was submitted by Matt Hughes at UFC 50.

GSP's only weakness is people named Matt.

GSP’s only weakness is people named Matt.  He can only beat Matts upon fighting them a second time.

Jones is the only fighter out of the three, including Silva before his KO at UFC 162, that doesn’t have any real losses on his MMA record.  In other words, just because Silva lost doesn’t mean that if the UFC has a superfight between Silva and GSP or Silva and Jones that no one will buy.  In fact, I am sure I am just one of the millions of MMA fans who would simply throw their wallets directly at Dana White if one of these fights were set up.

Anyways, it will likely be a while before we see one of these superfights as the UFC schedule is pretty much set up until September and both Jones and GSP have opponents in their sights already.  However, just because Silva lost doesn’t mean that MMA fans do not want to see these fights.

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