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Spurs Sweep Their Way to the NBA Finals

While the Indiana Pacers continue to try and be more than just a thorn in Miami Heat‘s side, the San Antonio Spurs have made short work of the Memphis Grizzlies who were left stunned last night when the veteran Spurs finished up the series to become the Western Conference Champions.

The End of the Series

It was Tony Parker who led the Spurs to victory leading all scorers with 37 points.  He also dished out six assits in the 93-86 win over the Tony Parker, Marc GasolGrizzlies.

It’s an unbelievable feeling. It’s really hard to go to the Finals and win a championship.

-Tony Parker

The Spurs defense simply proved that they were better than the Grizzlies offense throughout this entire series.  They had held the Grizzlies to less than 40 percent on shooting over the last two games and last night was no different as the Spurs held Memphis to just 37 percent shooting.

The Grizzlies did not go down without a fight.  A late run by Memphis pulled them within a winning distance of the Spurs.  However, Parker slowed down the temp of the game back down to the Spurs level as he has done throughout the series by forcing a foul and hitting a pair of free throws with just under a half minuet left.  The Grizzlies would not make another basket in the game.

“I just think we learned that winning isn’t easy and winning championships is one of the hardest things you can possibly do.

-Memphis forward Quincy Pondexter

What’s Next for the Spurs?


Next for the Spurs is the winner of the Eastern Conference Finals battle between the Heat and the Pacers.  If we are being honest the bettor who frequent BettingSports are likely not putting their money on the Pacers unless they are from Indiana.  After the Pacers defeated the Heat, Indiana’s odds closed in on the Heats.  However, after the Heat handedly defeated the Pacers in Indiana the Heat is again going to pull ahead in the odds.  Bovada has them as the favorites to win Game 4 with a -3 point spread, for example.

Continuing to be honest, the Spurs are likely preparing for the Heat, though, anything can happen in the NBA and the Pacers could get the upset victory in this series while simultaneously costing a lot of people a lot of money.

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