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Stanley Cup Finals Head Back to Chicago

With the Stanley Cup Finals headed back to Chicago and the Blackhawks and Boston Bruins tied 2-2, let’s take a look at some of the series prop bets that were laid out, courtesy of Bovada, before the puck dropped.

Series Correct Score   

Boston Bruins 4-0                      14/1      (+1400)

Boston Bruins 4-1                      8/1        (+800)

Boston Bruins 4-2                      19/4      (+475)

Boston Bruins 4-3                      5/1        (+500)

Chicago Blackhawks 4-0            9/1        (+900)

Chicago Blackhawks 4-1            4/1        (+400)

Chicago Blackhawks 4-2            9/2        (+450)

Chicago Blackhawks 4-3            5/1        (+500)

Only the last two bets for both teams are still in play here, as the odds reflect. These are two completely evenly matched teams, and it would’ve been downright silly to bet either one of them to sweep the series, or only lose one game. It’s been a complete see-saw affair so far, and it has all the makings of a seven-game classic.

Total Games in the Series       

4          19/4      (+475)

5          23/10    (+230)

6          9/5        (+180)

7          17/10    (+170)

Like I said above, this series should be a seven-game affair by anyone’s measure. It’s the classic contrast of styles: the Chicago Blackhawks play a fast and furious stretch offensive game while the Bruins like to grind teams with solid defense and stellar goalkeeping. With Chicago heading back to their home ice in the United Center, they have a prime opportunity to catch the Bruins off guard and, potentially, close out the series at home. They attempted to play at Boston’s pace at the beginning of the series, and they learned that they can’t beat the Bruins that way. They have to stick to their own brand of hockey.

“I think that’s how our team is built,” the Blackhawks’ Patrick Sharp said. “We’ve got four lines that can score, we’ve got four lines that can skate, we’ve got a mobile defense; we’re not saying we want to open the flood gates and just trade chances, but I think when we play that attack game and that confident style, we can be a successful team.”

Total Games in the Series       

Over     4½        1/7        (-700)

Under   4½        19/4      (+475)

Obviously, “over” was the bet to make here.

Total Games in the Series       

Over     5½        5/9        (-180)

Under   5½        3/2        (+150)


Total Games in the Series       

Over     6½        17/10    (+170)

Under   6½        10/21    (-210)


Series Game Spread   

Boston Bruins               -1½       41/20    (+205)

Chicago Blackhawks     +1½      20/53    (-265)

Boston Bruins               +1½      4/7        (-175)

Chicago Blackhawks     -1½       29/20    (+145)


Boston Bruins               +2½      2/7        (-350)

Chicago Blackhawks     -2½       11/4      (+275)

I like the Blackhawks at -1.5 wins here. They’re playing well, and they’re back into an offensive groove. They should be able to find the back of the net plenty in their game at home on Saturday night.


Total Goals in the Series         

Over/ Under      27

These teams have already scored 23 goals in this series in only four games. This bet turned out to be way, way over. It helps when two teams combine for 11 goals in one overtime game, a figure not commonly seen in any hockey game, let alone one in the Stanley Cup Finals. What series.

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