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Steve Kerr Pleased With This Years’ NBA Schedule

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has praised the NBA following the release of the regular season schedule.

As happens annually, the NBA has taken criticism from all quarters for the 2018 – 2019 regular season schedule. Steve Kerr has gone against the grain by commenting on his satisfaction with the differences in the schedule this year.

Steve Kerr believes that the NBA has listened to teams regarding the amount of travelling required and fixture congestion.

Last year, the Golden State Warriors had to play 14 back to back sets. In the upcoming season, they will only play 13.


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Additionally, the league has changed the schedule so teams play opponents from the same city on the same road trip.

Last year, the Warriors made two separate trips to New York to play against the Nets and the Knicks. This year they will remain in the big apple to play both teams during the same late October trip.


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As well as that, they will remain in Los Angeles for four days in January to play against the Clippers and the Lakers.

However, downtime in LA may not be conducive to high performance, as Golden State discovered last year.

“That could go either way, right?” Kerr said to Bob Fitzgerald on KNBR 680 on Friday.

“I like that too. Remember two years ago, we were No. 1 in the league in terms of miles traveled? I believe this schedule has us right in the middle at like 15th, which, given that we’re in the Western Conference, I mean, I would guess that all the Western Conference teams are in the Top 15 just on basic geometry. So I think the league has done a really good job of listening to teams doing things like you just said, playing a couple games in a city and staying there instead of playing hopscotch all over the place,” Kerr said.


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