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Suns Could Make Blockbuster Trade to Land Love

The Phoenix Suns had a much better 2013-14 season that most NBA observers had expected. Last season was to be a rebuilding one, but the Suns competed for the playoffs and developed into a solid team accelerating the timeline for the franchise to once again be a contender.

Phoenix will have a better opportunity to pick up free agents or make trades during the offseason due to their success last season.

Some teams would worry about making a blockbuster trade that could land a genuine NBA superstar, but cost the team a number of talented players in the process.

One possibility however for Phoenix, is to acquire Kevin Love from the Minnesota Timberwolves, which would be a huge trade.

No one on the Suns roster is untouchable and having players to offer such as Eric Bledsoe, Goran Dragic, Alex Len, Markieff Morris and a number of picks in the first round of the NBA draft, the Suns could work a deal that would outbid other teams looking to have Love on their roster.

However, before unloading the entire roster, the Suns must make sure to keep some balance. A good case in point is the New York Knicks. The Knicks have had a hard time surrounding their superstar Carmelo Anthony since acquiring him from Denver.

The likely player or players to headline a deal to land Love would be Bledsoe or Dragic. There is also the possibility of using Len, Morris and three picks in the first round that could help convince Minnesota to trade Love.

Suns management, especially Ryan McDonough their GM, likes to use multiple draft picks with a player or two on the current roster to pick up a big star.

Phoenix had a deep roster last season and that meant less playing time for Archie Goodwin and Len two former choices in the first round.

Adding more superstar power without consolidating would make matters worse for talented players sitting on the bench and not seeing court time.

Phoenix’s style of play would fit Love almost perfectly. He can space the floor and a two-man game that would include Bledsoe or Dragic, would quickly become a tandem that would be tough to stop.

With Phoenix having an up-tempo transition attack offensively, the rebounding and passing talent of Love also would add plenty to the Suns’ roster.

The Suns know they must re-sign Bledsoe who will be a restricted free agent. The Suns want Bledsoe and can offer an additional year to his contract that other teams cannot.

Besides Bledsoe, there is Dragic. This season Dragic at just $7.5 million was a steal for the Suns. However, he could opt out at the end of the upcoming season and he likely would to re-negotiate or find a lucrative offer somewhere else.

That could mean between a new contract for Bledsoe and Dragic, that the team might have problems coming up with enough to handle a superstar with the talent of Love.

The possibilities are certainly there for the Suns to offer a big package to land Love and make them an instant Western Conference contender.

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