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Sweet 16 Mid-West Bracket Preview

The Sweet 16 match ups will finally kick off tonight.  The toughest bracket in the NCAA Tournament, the Midwest, is what I, and I am sure a lot of you, are looking forward to as they are the best games in the NCAA.  These games will start on Friday so prepare for your last minuet betting with this preview.

Louisville Versus Oregon

The Oregon Ducks are 10 point underdogs according to the spread on Bovada.  As always their are a lot of people pulling for the Ducks and putting big long shots bets on them.  However, Louisville as covered their last 10 points spreads and have dominated their first two tournament games.  The Cardinals also have the best odds at winning the NCAA Championship with 3/1 odds.

Bot these teams run a fast paced defense.  Oregon will be challenged to keep up, something they are not used to, as Louisville may well be the fastest team in the NCAA.   Oregon’s keys to victory will be simply keeping up and controlling the ball.  Ball control will be easier said than done against Louisville, who is one of the best teams in the nation at creating turnovers.

Michigan State Versus Duke

Michigan State versus Duke is a bit closer in the odds than Louisville versus Oregon.  By a bit I mean the point spread only slightly favors Duke with a -2 point spread.  Those are the odds according to Bovada.  Other betting lines have Michigan State as the slight favorite.  Either way this one is being contested even int he sports books.

The match up itself is an interesting one.  Michigan State doesn’t score a lot of baskets.  Instead their defense holds teams down while the Spartans make shots that matters.  Duke is a fast paced offense that scores a lot of points.  If Michigan State can hold back Duke’s offense, Duke may be in for a long night in Indianapolis.

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