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The Best Teams in the Pac 12

The Pac 12 only has two teams on the AP Poll top 25 in the nation.  Yet, when you look at many sports analysts brackets, you will see a handful of Pac 12 teams on the list to make it.  Who are truly the best teams in the Pac 12?

Arizona State

At 7-4 Arizona State is fourth in the Pac-12, but they are tied overall in their win-loss record with UCLA at 18-6.  Arizona State has been very inconsistent, though.  The Sun Devils wins and losses are sporadic as they struggle to gain their complete footage as a team.


UCLA is among the best teams in the Pac 12.  Yet they continue to have trouble establishing themselves as one of the best teams in the nation as they sit at 18-6.  They have been on the outside looking in on the top 25 since the beginning of the season.  UCLA has some key games coming up against Pac 12 rivals USC and Arizona.  Wins in these games could very well put them in the top 25.


At 19-5 overall, Oregon is a solid basketball team that may still surprise us.  They are 2erd in the nation over all but are on the verge of taking the lead in the Pac 12 and are only a couple upset victories away from moving up the AP Polls.  Their next game is on Feb. 13 against Washington.  A win against this team will help them get back on track to being considered one of the best teams in the nation as they continue to try and regain momentum after a three game losing streak.


Arizona is undoubtedly the top team in the Pac 12.  Their is currently a three-way tie with UCLA and Oregon as the top team in the Pac 12.  All three teams sit at 8-3 in the division.  However, Arizona sits at 20-3 overall and are ranked number 9 in the nation on the AP Poll.  The only other ranked team in the Pac 12 is Oregon, who are ranked way down at number 23 on the AP Polls.   The safest bet to make in the Pac 12 is on Arizona.

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