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UFC 160: Cain Velasquez vs Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva Preview


Tomorrow is UFC’s annual big monthly pay-per-view UFC 160.  This time out it is the heavyweights that are featured in the main event as the champ Cain Velasquez takes on Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva in a rematch of a fight from UFC 146.

The last time these two men stepped into the octagon it was pretty one-sided.  Velasquez completely annihilated Bigfoot.  By the end of the fight Silva was left a battered and bloody mess while Velasquez stood over him in victory.  It was not a pretty fight for Silva, anyway.


The result of their first encounter has left many scratching their heads wondering why the UFC would seemingly feed Bigfoot back to Velasquez.  As previously stated by BettingSports, we think that this is going to be a solid fight and potentially could be one of the best fights of the month.  While many MMA fans are not looking forward to this fight or even are mocking its inclusion as a pay-per-view main event,  we believe that Silva will be putting forth a much better effort than the last time these two guys met.

You have to believe that Silva has watched that fight over and over again and has been training hard to not only improve his overall fighting, but also training to specifically avoid this fight turning into UFC 146.

It is also important to remember that Velasquez has been surprised by fighter who are perceived to be less talented.  Remember when Junior dos Santos cut Valasquez’s first title run short after knocking him out in a little over a minuet.  Velasquez would go on to regain his title in a rematch, but if Bigfoot can catch Velasquez off guard he could very easily leave UFC 160 as the World Heavyweight Champion.
While Silva’s chance to win this fight may come down to hoping to get the opportunity to knock Velasquez out, Velasquez’s strategy is no secret.  He is simply going to try to dominate Silva as he did at UFC 146.  Whether or not things have changed since then we shall see.

Pulling the odds for this fight at Bovada we see that Velasquez is the huge favorite.  His money line is at -800 while Silva’s money line is at +500.  You can watch UFC 160 live on pay-per-view.

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