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Warriors Will Not Part With Thompson to Get Love

The NBA Pacific division Golden State Warriors want to acquire Kevin Love from the Minnesota Timberwolves, but they do not want to give up sharpshooting guard Klay Thompson in the process.

Love would give the Warriors one of the league top rebounders, he averaged over 12.5 per game last season; he averaged more than 4 assists per game, which is a large amount for a big man; and he can hit threes at the rate of 2.5 per contests, of which few players his size can match.

This past season, Love went to the free throw line 8.2 times each game, where he hit on 82% of his shots. Oh, by the way he also averaged 26.1 points a game.

Those groups of stats create a PER or player efficiency rating that is third in the league behind only Kevin Durant and someone named James, LeBron James.

Love makes you wonder how such a rebounder can be so good shooting outside or how can a big man have so many assists while scoring so many points.

The only thing stopping the Warriors from having all that is their head coach Steve Kerr who does not want to give up his sharpshooter Thompson.

The Golden State guard that Kerr does not want to lose has a combined average of points, assists, rebounds, blocks and steals per game that is less than the 26.1 points per game Love scores each game.

The big question the NBA and in the Oakland Bay Area is why the trade has not yet occurred. One reason is the other Warriors involved in the trade Draymond Green Harrison Barnes and David Lee are very valuable in their own right as well.

The other reason the Warriors do not want to trade Thompson is not about Love it is all about Thompson.

Thompson scored over 18 points per game last season, which was sixth best in the NBA for shooting guards. He also hit nearly 3 three-pointers per game at a rate of almost 42%, numbers that only one player beat, Stephen Curry his teammate.

Thompson on paper is one dimensional, but on the court, he is far different. He is a threat anywhere and at any time on the court as he has one of the purest shots in the game.

His size 6-foot-7 always him to shot threes over his defender, yet he can still dribble to a spot for a three as a very good ball handler.

He has turned into one of the game’s best shooting guards and all under the shadow of teammate Curry. Best of all Thompson is just 24 and will mature even more before hitting his prime in three to four years.

His defense makes him an all-around player who can shut down opposing offensive threats. Today he is one of the league’s best defenders on the perimeter.

He takes on challenges on defense like guarding Damian Lillard when the Warriors take on Portland or matching up with James Harden when the Rockets are in town.

For many that would take away from their offense, but Thompson leaves that at the defense end and becomes an offensive threat the moment he crosses half court.

Best of all he has missed one game in his three NBA seasons.

Many Warriors fans might love to have Love, but they are in love with Thompson.

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