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Will we see Anderson Silva versus Georges St. Pierre

The sports book seems to feel the same way as the odds for this fight happening are 1/3 which you can go bet on right now over at Bovada.  So if we assume that this fight is going to happen, the next question for people in this niche is who has an early advantage in the sports books.  It is never too early to start researching a bet, am I right?

As highly anticipated and exciting as the build to this fight will be the odds are not as close as one would might expect with Silva taking an early lead in the odds and as the fight seems to become more of a reality Silva’s odds only get better.

When rumors really began to swirl a couple weeks ago, the odds for this fight only slightly favored Silva.  Silva had a moneyline of -160 to St. Pierre’s +150.  The book keepers at Bovada seemed to do a bit of research of their own and discover, just like I believe, that Silva is a pretty big favorite in this contest if it were to happen.  Silva now has a money line of -210 to St. Pierre’s +170.

Silva has every advantage over St. Pierre that an objective book keeper should like at when calculating odds.  Silva is bigger weight and height wise when compared to St. Pierre.  This is one of the reasons why this fight is not happening sooner an St. Pierre’s club undoubtedly would like Silva to drop to a Welterweight before the match was to happen, which may be unlikely.

Silva has also proved to have more dexterity and his striking ability is what could cause a quick downfall of St. Pierre if they were to step into the octagon against each other.

St. Pierre’s last fight at UFC 154 against Carlos Condit coming out of an over a year long absence after knee surgery was not his most impressive of victories.  The fight lasted all five rounds and came down to a judges decision.  They unanimously gave St. Pierre the victory, but Condit really took it to St. Pierre at some points during the bout.

Silva’s last fight at UFC 153 against Stephan Bonnar saw Silva do what he does best and knock out Bonnar.  In fact, Silva has an impressive 11 TKO or KO victories in his 16 fight UFC career.  As an aside, he is also undefeated in the UFC.

St. Pierre likes to fight to decisions which Silva does not do often and I just do not see Silva taking the Striker/take down specialist Silva into five rounds.

However, St. Pierre is a fighter you can never count completely out as his UFC record only has two L marks on it out of 19 fight UFC career.

If this fight happens it will be an exciting one that I hope we get to see.

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