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There is certainly a lot of information and things to click on at Bankroll Sports. It’s almost overwhelming when you first log on. You almost have a “where should I go first” kind of situation. There are so many tabs to click on you almost want to tell the web designer that sometimes less is more.

However, more is not always a bad thing once you really start to look at the site. There is no stone left unturned at Bankroll.

Bankroll even gives you links to all the top sportsbooks and lets you know what the signup bonuses are on each one right there on the home page. That is very useful info for the novice bettor.

They list all their different packages with prices right there on page one, which most sites do not do. You almost get the sense other sites are embarrassed by how much they charge, but not at Bankroll.

You get odds on all kinds of different sports right on the home page plus any tabs to click on to get even more.

One downside to the home page, is there are a lot of ads on it. Some may feel there are way too many. But these types of sites are paid for by ads, so it’s hard to blame them for wanting to generate revenue.

But one stark difference between Bankroll and other sites is the lack of “big-time handicappers” being featured on the front page. Why is that? Are you not very confident in your handicappers? Who makes these picks?

After all, the handicapper is what you are paying for as a customer. Of course, you are paying for his or her picks, but the picks are only as good as the person making them. We want to see some front page bragging about the people making the picks.

You claim to be the “#1 Sports Handicapping Service” but yet, no people on the home page? No bragging about recent winning picks made by these people on the home page? What’s up with that? That has to make the sports bettor wonder a bit. We’re not saying the people who make the picks aren’t top-notch at Bankroll. We’re just saying maybe we’d have built the web site a little differently.

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