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Bookmaker operates out of Costa Rica. They have been in business since 1985. Bookmaker is the leader of the sports betting industry. They offer a huge variety in all aspects of the sports betting experience, including methods to withdraw money. Privacy and security are very important to Bookmaker because they are where the “heavy hitters” go-to place bets.

User Interface

At Bookmaker, you can bet on all the different sports. They have football, baseball, basketball and hockey. And they have motor racing, martial arts, the Olympics, even odds on the presidential election. The design of the site is simple and professional. It’s is easy to find your games to bet on and they even tell you the % of bets placed on each side which is very useful knowledge. If you want to bet with the big boys, Bookmaker is the place.


Bookmaker is the “big boy” on the sports betting block. They have the most clout in the business. In fact, they are the ones who in most cases decide what the betting odds are. Most other sites wait until Bookmaker posts their lines before posting their own. This site is to sports betting what Las Vegas used to be. Bookmaker is where the heavy hitters go to bet. They will take $5,000.00 bets as routinely as others take $50.00 bets. So if you are a “Heavyweight”, this is where you go to bet. You won’t get cut off here for winning too much. These people can handle it.

Account Management

As expected, customer service is top-notch. These people have been in business for a long time and they have a massive amount of money. You won’t get cut off just because you’re on a hot streak at Bookmaker. These guys handle the big-time gamblers.

Moving Money

Their deposit methods are plentiful. The minimum is $100.00 and there are no fees with credit card deposits. Most withdrawal methods will payout between 7-10 days.


Of course, you won’t get all those “bonuses” with Bookmaker like you do on some of the other ones, because quite frankly, they don’t need to offer them. What they offer is 24 hours a day service and the security of knowing that no matter how much you win, you will get paid promptly and will not get sent away. They do have bonuses such as frequent flier miles, gift cards and cashback for large depositors.

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