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At first glance, RocketMan looks like a one-man operation. On the home page, there is only one name mentioned, that of the RocketMan himself. Upon further inspection, he does have some other people on the site giving their picks too.

RocketMan prominently displays his stats and gives you a bunch of things to look over on the home page. One thing you don’t get is, how much money do you want for all this advice? After all, that’s what we really want to know. So how about giving us something.

He does have an impressive record and is not shy about posting losses as well as wins, which we like. We don’t want to just hear about all the games you won, give us the whole picture. RocketMan does that. Big props for that.

RocketMan has a leaderboard giving stats of all the top handicappers in the business, whether or not they are on competitor’s sites or on his. That has to be applauded. We like that they are not afraid to give the competitors picks.

RocketMan has all your favorite sports covered, football, baseball, basketball, hockey, without cluttering it up with sports you probably don’t care about anyway.

When you do find the prices, they are pretty competitive with other sites. The best deal is the three days for $49.99.

The site itself is a very good looking site. It’s easy to navigate, and not too busy with annoying ads and such. The colors are also easy on the eyes. We like that.

As with all these sites, you’d better be prepared to be a big-time player if you are planning to spend your money on their advice. A one-year membership is $1000.00 so to make up for that, you better win more than a grand. When you consider the best of these people win three of five picks, To clear over a thousand bucks in a year, you’d better have tens of thousands to bet with.

If you do have that much, then paying for expert advice is a sound investment, especially if you are not winning at a 60% clip. RocketMan is a solid investment for you.

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