Just because a game has started doesn’t mean that you can’t bet on it. Many sportsbooks want to make sure that their customers have a chance to place some money on a game even if it’s already in progress. This is called in-play betting, or live betting, and while it’s not offered at every sportsbook it does give bettors a chance to invest winnings from earlier games or attempt to win back their losses.

Since the game has already started, most sportsbooks don’t offer in-play betting on results or total points. Instead, they typically use bets that revolve around actions that can take place during a game. In a soccer match, for example, a bettor might be able to wager on which player will receive the next yellow card. In baseball, an in-play bet might involve which team will strike out next or which team will score the next run. Many of the nationally televised games will feature in-play betting.


Many sportsbooks, such as Sportsbetting.ag, have special platforms for customers to sign-in on in order to give them the most in-play betting opportunities possible, which is extremely popular with bettors. The betting options will come hard and fast, keeping you on your toes throughout the entire game. Bookmaker.ag is another extremely popular in-play betting site, as they grade wagers instantly and wins and losses are immediately credited to your account.

One of the advantages of in-play betting is that there are a myriad of options for bettors to choose from and there are always plenty of new betting options available. This can also be a disadvantage if bettors don’t practice proper management of their stakes. With in-play betting, the speed that new bets can be made can sometimes lead to bettors not realizing how much they’ve wagered – or how much they’ve lost. But when done correctly, in-play betting can be a fun way to keep interest in a game while possibly earning extra money.