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Did Sanchez Earn Jets QB Role?

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While the New York Jets lost a 23-17 barnburner at home on Monday Night Football to the Houston Texans, quarterback Mark Sanchez played respectable football, at least according to his head coach Rex Ryan.  The former USC product will presumably remain the starting quarterback in the weeks to come.

“When you look at it, he played pretty good,” head coach Rex Ryan said.  “I thoughthe was accurate with the football.”

Did he?

Sanchez will somehow continue to get the nod under center, even after playing historically bad over the last four games.  During that span, he has recorded a completion rate below 50  percent (last in the NLF), which pits him in the company of NFL’s least accurate quarterback Stoney Case of the 1999 Baltimore Ravens.

Still, Ryan didn’t indicate on whether Sanchez would be the starting quarterback if the team continued its losing ways.

“I’m not going to get into the what-ifs and all that,” Ryan said.  “We’re not preparing to lose, that’s for sure.  We’re thinking we’re going to win, starting this week.”

Sanchez was the victim of some unfortunate mishaps.  He had a number of batted balls at the line of scrimmage, one of which ended up in the hands of defensive back Brice McCain, who ended up taking the interception 86 yards downfield in the waning seconds of the first half.

“It’s really too bad,” Sanchez said.  “That happened quite a bit tonight, so we’ve got to find a way to keep the defensive linemen’s hands down.”

This miscues didn’t stop there.  Earlier in the second quarter, Sanchez sailed a ball out of bounds and over the head of an open Antonio Cromartie that would have gave the Jets a huge gain in Texans’ territory.

“We had Cromartie beat his guy, about 3 or 4 yards behind a guy,” Ryan said.  “That;s probably one throw we wish, Mark wishes that he had back.”

Tim Tebow, on the other hand, provided a spark off the bench with a few timely Wildcat runs.  Though, many thought he would have been utilized more in the Jets offense, considering their current offensive woes.

“I just want to be ready when my number is called and however I can help this team,” Said Tebow.  “When I’m out there, I’m going to give my heart and soul on every single play.”

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