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Giants co-owner John Mara: ‘We’re not trading for Deshaun Watson’

Giants co-owner John Mara was quick to shut down the possibility of trading for Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson.

“We’re not trading for Deshaun Watson,” he said Wednesday after introducing Joe Schoen as the team’s new general manager. “There are so many reasons why we wouldn’t do that. Cap-wise, we couldn’t afford [the acquisition], but more importantly, with the allegations that are out there right now, that is just not the right fit for us.”

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Daniel Jones has been the Giants quarterback for the past three seasons, and Schoen said on Wednesday, “The kid has physical ability. He’s got arm strength, he’s athletic, he can run. I’m really excited to work with Daniel.

“Again, when the new staff gets in here, we’ll build an offense around Daniel to accentuate what he does best.”

Watson made it clear that he wanted to be traded from the Texans a year ago. However, the quarterback soon faced extensive legal trouble—22 active civil lawsuits and reportedly 10 criminal complaints. From March 16 until April 14, 23 lawsuits were filed against the Texans quarterback describing sexual harassment and sexual assault, including one from this past March.

One lawsuit was dropped by a plaintiff “for now,” according to court documents, “in light of privacy and security concerns.”

A judge reportedly signed search warrants for several of Watson’s social media accounts in December, according to

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