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Prop Bets You Can With on Super Sunday

Frank Gore

Any chance you're betting Frank Gore is the first player to score in Super Bowl XLVII?

A week or so ago I told you that there are far more ways to enjoy your Super Bowl gambling experience than by simply throwing a few bucks at some squares or betting on who wins and who losses. Prop bets were once just a novelty used to attract bettors that needed more action or weren’t confident in their already placed wagers. Any chance to recoup some potential losses is always welcomed by bettors of all shapes and sizes.

Keep in mind that prop bets were introduced almost as a second-thought and as most unique wagers or ‘games’ they are often created by fans. Fantasy sports for example have been around since the 1970’s and only burst onto the scene in the last 15 years or so. Probably the first prop bet in a Super Bowl was just the coin flip and it has since evolved into things that probably no one could have ever imagined. There is actually a wager on the color of Gatorade that will be dumped on the winning coach.

I’ve gone through literally dozens and dozens of prop bets for Super Bowl XLVII and I’ve selected some I feel you can rake in some dough on.

The National Anthem O/U at 2:15  Over the last ten years, singers have rarely eclipsed the two-minute mark and no one dare touch the gold standard of Whitney Houston back in 1991. Alicia Keys is a professional who will be good and timely. Take the under.

Score of the Game Touchdown -145/ FG/Safety +115 Both of these teams are coming off performances in which they pitched shutouts in the second half. Despite the Niners David Akers struggling recently, go with a field goal to lead the scoring.

Will the Ravens Score Over-135/Under+105 21.5?  I love the over here. I believe both teams score in the upper twenties and beyond Sunday night despite good defenses.

Jack Harbaugh

Expecct to see this guy a lot during the Super Bowl telecast.

Will the 49ers Score Over -135/Under+105 24.5? See above and play the over.

Will the Longest TD be Over -105/Under -125 46.5 yards? Both of these teams have explosive players with loads of speed on both sides of the ball. Play the over.

Will the Total Number of TDs be Over -125/Under -105 5.5? If I like a game in the upper 20s/low 30s then I like the over on this one.

How Many Times Will Jack Harbaugh Be Shown 2.5 O/U? This is easily the gimme of the Super Bowl. Take the over and don’t look back.

How Many Times Will the name ‘Harbaugh’ be said during the telecast 21.5 O/U? If the one above is a sure thing then this is darn close. I would almost be willing to bet this is eclipsed in the first half! Play the over.

Time of Post-Game Handshake will be 7.5 seconds O/U? There is no way these two spend even more than three seconds together. They aren’t interested in anything but celebrating or getting off the field. Play the under.

Will Jay-Z join wife Beyonce on stage during halftime? You don’t need odds. Go with yes.


And finally, here’s a couple of prop bets I wish they had for tomorrow…


How many tears will Ray Lewis shed?


How many times will Colin Kaepernick’s tattoos be mentioned?


Who will throw the first temper-tantrum, Jim or John Harbaugh?


Will Phil Simms have a bigger crush on Kaepernick or Joe Flacco?


How cheesy will Jim Nantz’s closing seconds’ statements be?


Have fun on Super Sunday and enjoy your wagering experience whatever you choose to go with!

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