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This Week In Fail

There are always losers in sports but only a few truly fail.  Whether they fail the fans, themselves or just do something so shameful that it must be discussed, they will be featured in this week in fail.

NHL Lockout

The ongoing lockout over how to slit trillions of dollar among people who play and organize a sport that we all played when we were children is just frustrating to watch.

Do not get the wrong idea I think the players deserve to get paid I mean they put the fans’ butts in the seats, what little fans actually go watch live hockey anyway.  I’d like to see the NHL wigs draw in any fans in a money counting competition or something.

The latest deal on the table is a 50/50 split in “hockey related revenue” which sounds good in writting, but there are some minor details that the player’s union is unlikely to agree to.

Until the hockey season starts and we can get down to some serious NHL betting this is a fail.

The Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys Super Bowl odds at the beginning of the season were 22/1 and like always everyone expected great things from the Cowboys.

Year and year early in the season every sports analysts is psyched about the Cowboys and with reason.  They have one of the most talented depth charts in the NFL and on paper it appears they should be a team that makes a decisive post season run.

Instead they end up being bigger disappointments than a M. Night Shyamalan movie.  The Cowboys don’t seem to be turning it around this season either.  Their Super Bowl odds have fallen from 22/1 to 50/1.  Every this happens and every year we all have act surprised at how badly the Cowboys are doing.  Something is wrong with this Cowboys franchise and someone needs to figure out what it is.

MLB Umpires

Surprise!  A sports writer thinks a sports official has failed.  I think I have a solid argument, though.

The MLB umpires blew two calls in in both of the leagues championship series, the second most important series of the post season.

In game two of the American League Championship Series the umpires called a Omar Infante safe, though replay showed that he was clearly out.  Infante would go on to score a run.

Meanwhile, over in Game 2 of the National League Championship Series a similar call was made, a Giants player was tagged out and the ump called him safe.  This also would eventually lead to the Giants runner to score.

The tag that should have prompted the ump to call the runner out.

The umpires definitely failed here, but the real fail boat captains sailing on a sea of fail is the MLB.

Why do we still play baseball like it is 1932?  Instant replay is a thing now-a-days.  Why does the MLB not utilize that?

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