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This Week In Fail

Lots of losers this week with so many high profile games.  Not all losers are failures, however.  Let’s distinguish between the two with this week in fail.

Notre Dame

Notre Dame loses to Alabama 14-42.  This game was so one sided that I found myself flipping channels and watching this:

"I'm going to pretend hit you as hard as I can."

It was clear that Notre Dame was not even in the same league as Alabama as far as talent and just playing football in general.  Those of us who complain that the BCS Championship Game favors the SEC division, Notre Dame’s performance against Alabama is why the other divisions can’t have nice things.

Los Angeles Lakers

I made a handful of prediction in an article I wrote for another site in early December about what 2013 was going to bring us.  I predicted that RGIII would lead the Redskins to the top of the NFC East division and the playoffs.  I also predicted that the NHL would have a season.  Both those came true.

My third prediction was that the LA Lakers were going to get it together and become legit contenders.  I am taking that prediction back now.

Kobe laughs manically as he watches his world crumble around him.

I thought with all their enormous talent that they would have to find a way to click.  However, what officially made me want to back track on my prediction was their performance against their hometown rivals, the LA Clippers, this past Friday (January 4).  The Lakers were able to sort of hang with the Clippers, but they never really took the lead in the game and it never felt like the Lakers had a chance at winning.  The Clippers were simply faster and had more awareness on the court.  The Lakers played like they should be in an old person’s home and are showing no signs of improving.

Mike Shanahan

Regardless of how you feel about Mike Shanahan’s decision to leave Robert Griffin III in the game despite his knee being hurt which led to an injury, his decision has to be considered a fail.

While we have the benefit of knowing the end result, which makes it easy to criticize Shanahan, as a coach he should have had the fore sight to make the right decision.

At this time it is being reported that RGIII will under go a total reconstruction of his knee for a complete tear of ACL and LCL.  He will go under the knife later this morning (Wednesday, January 9).  Let’s all hope that RGIII is back and wowing us with his unique style of play by the beginning of next season.

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