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This Week In Fail

Another week has come and gone and we have another crop of failure to sift through.  From fumbling fail teams to trades that should have never been made to a college quarterback who is probably regretting not going pro sooner.  Here is this week in fail.

Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans have been disappointing all around and head coach Mike Munchak is even beginning to doubt his own future while still trying to muster up the strength to remain optimistic.  Titans owner Bud Adams said that “no one’s job was safe” if the Titans did not improve after a 51-20 blowout against the Chicago Bears.  The Bears forced five turnovers, but that is the nice way of putting it.  Really the Titans allowed the Bears to get five turnovers due to their terrible play.

The Titans even struggled against the Bears bench in the fourth quarter.  The lone highlight for the Titans was an 80 yard run by Chris Johnson, and people say that Johnson is the problem.

There is clearly something wrong in Tennessee and if the Titans do not put up some more W’s in the last few games left then there will be some big changes to the coaching staff next season.

Oklahoma City Thunder

When the Oklahoma City Thunder traded the best sixth man in the NBA, James Harden, to the Houston Rockets for Kevin Martin they created a monster.  Not only have the Thunder clearly missed the presence of Harden on their team considering their early losing record, but it turns out that  Harden is not just a really good sixth man but he is also a great starter.

Moving Harden to Houston also created another big contender that the Thunder will have to overcome in the Western Conference this year.  It turns out that Harden and Jermy Lin have great chemistry together.  Harden has averaged 35 points a game with 6 assists and rebounds.  Lin is playing the role as Harden’s side kick perfectly averaging 7 assists per game and also putting up a solid 16 points per game with 5 rebounds.  This duo in Houston is now going to be a force to be reckoned with and it is all because of a questionable trade made by the Thunder.

Matt Barkley

If Matt Barkley would have entered into the NFL draft last season like most analysts expected him to he would have been an easy first round pick.  Now after failing to match his stats from last season and leading USC to a 6-3 record in a division where teams need to go undefeated in order to have a post season chance, Barkley’s draft stock has dropped.  Barkley’s 10 interceptions on the season is not going to help his draft stock either.  It may have been a better idea for him to have moved on while he was hot.  Hopefully, he will still be a major player, like once expected, when he gets to the NFL.

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