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This Week In Fail

The title of my weekly blog this week may be a little misleading as no one really failed hard for the week but instead we saw some good teams fall short and some bad teams, not surprisingly, play badly all across the sports world.  Anyways, lets get into it.

Georgia Bulldogs

It was a rough weekend for the Bulldogs.  They came very close to taking out Alabama and going to take on the undefeated Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the BCS Championship game, but alas it was not meant to be.  They simply fell to Alabama’s superior run game and defense.

I should not word it like that, because at points during the game it looked as though the Bulldogs were going to pull off the win, but due to some poor clock management the Crimson Tided ended up on top.

The Bulldogs now find themselves settling for playing in the Capital One Bowl against Nebraska as Florida filled the other BCS Bowl Spot and will go to the Sugar Bowl as the Bulldogs dropped in rank number three in the standings.  The Bulldogs cannot be feeling to good this week.

Quinton Dial

This was the epitome of a d-bag move on the part of Dial. Aron Murray just go through throwing an interception and was walking away when Dial sprang into action and clobbered Murray, adding injury to the quarterbacks already damaged ego after throwing an interception.


It was a vicious unnecessary hit that is going to cost Dial the chance at playing in a BCS Championship game.

Mark Sanchez

Finally, after 13 weeks of mediocre play it appears that the Jets are ready to admit that Sanchez is not a franchise guy.  After throwing three interceptions this past Sunday Sanchez was benched.  The Jets know that Tim Tebow is in over his head in the NFL. That leaves Greg McElro.  He did lead the Jets to a victory on Sunday, but lead may be too strong of a word.  McElro just really did not mess up.  He ran a lot of run plays and only averaged about three yards a play throw the air.  The Jets have to choose the least terrible quarterback out of the lot.  Not a good position to be in.

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