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This Week in Fail

Has it been a week already?

The last week has been an amazing one in the sports world.  UFC on Fox 5 was the most entertaining free-to-view fights in UFC history.  The NFC East is the most competitive in the NFL as the division is in a virtual dead heat.  But for every success over the last week we have seen some fails.

Tim Tebow

The New York Jets had a rare good day on Sunday when they defeated the lack luster Jacksonville Jaguars.  Mark Sanchez may have just saved his job with his performance against the Jaguars.  Their is a big loser in this situation and that is Tim Tebow.

Sanchez was struggling leading into this game.  Rex Ryan did not even make the decision that Sanchez was going to start until days before the game.  With the way the Jets season had been going leading into the Jacksonville game Tebow should have started.  Yet, Ryan made the decision to keep Sanchez in the game.  This shows how little faith that Ryan has in Tebow and as long as Tebow is in New York he will continue to warm the bench.

Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol has enjoyed a spot as Kobe Bryant’s number two guy on the Lakers since joining the team a few years ago.  The Laker over this last off season decided to completely revamp their team.  It really only needed a slight tinkering after having a descent showing in the playoffs, but someone in the Lakers camp decided hit the reset button.

Now, under Mike D’Antoni’s fast paced, high octane offense Pau Gasol no longer fits into the Laker’s offensive scheme.  Unfortunately for Gasol, The Lakers are going to try to shoehorn him into their new offense despite just trading him away.  LA has rejected a handful of trade offers thus far in the hopes that Gasol can find a way to remain a relevant Laker.

At best, Gasol will become a sixth man in LA eventually which is unfortunate considering his tremendous talent.

Arizona Cardinals

I almost dedicated this entire blog to the Arizona Cardinals hitting rock bottom over the weekend, but ultimately decided I needed to mention the sad situations that Gasol and Tebow find themselves in.  The Cardinals failure over the weekend is worthy of a “fail of the week” award, however.

The Cardinals lost to an OK Seattle Seahawks team 58-0.  The Cardinals failed to muster up any offense and had no answers for the Seahawks offense.

The Cardinals started the season 4-0 but have since lost nine in a row.

I could go on about just how bad the Cardinals are, but I will instead allow ESPN’s stats department sum up the Cardinals situation this season:

The Cardinals’ 58-0 loss to Seattle on Sunday was the largest margin of defeat in franchise history. Cardinals have been playing since 1920.


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