This Week In Fail – January 27, 2013

This week in fail is going to be some what unique as for the first time in a few weeks we will not be mentioning the Los Angeles Lakers, who are finally pulling things together after wins against the Utah Jazz and the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Even without the Lakers on the list their is still plenty of fail to talk about.


Tom Brady is not considered a failure very often.  Even after he lost toe the Baltimore Ravens, Brady could not be considered a failure.  He is, in fact, on of the most talented quarterbacks in the NFL today.  He did however recently get fined for pulling a Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat by slide kicking Ed Reed.

Pretty much the same photograph.

Brady apologized and was fined for the slide kick as he should have been.  However, the real fail is on the part of the NFL, who in the same week, fined Brady $10,000 for kicking a guy and fined Frank Gore $10,500 for wearing his socks too low.  If you ask me one of those infractions are clearly a bit more serious than the other.

New York Knicks

If any team in the NBAs stock is dropping it is the New York Knicks.  The Knicks started the season off with a bang.  This prompted many sports writers to mention the Knicks in the same breath has the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat.  However, over the last week the Knicks have exhibited their inconsistencies on both defense and offense.

They are 5-5 on their last ten games and even the games they win are often very close nail-biters against teams they should have no problem defeating.

Pro Bowl

In all fairness the Pro Bowl has not happened yet, but I am going to get out ahead of this one and say it will probably suck.  To be honest, this game has minimal entertainment value.  If you are watching the Pro Bowl then you are watching it simply for the sake of watching football.  Nothing is at stake, and the guys on field are just out there goofing around and having fun.  Which isn’t a bad thing, but from a fan’s perspective, who cares?


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