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Sean Avery Arrested for Narcotics, Throwing Crap at Cars

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Image via Zimbio

Former NHL player Sean Avery, who is loathsome even by hockey goon standards, surprised absolutely no one with the news that he was arrested last week in the Hamptons on misdemeanor charges of fourth-degree criminal mischief and two counts of seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance.

The Southhampton Press reports:

Police said the criminal mischief charge stemmed from an incident the day before, when Mr. Avery, who lives in the village, reportedly threw objects at passing vehicles. Police could not specify where that incident took place, but on Monday, police radio transmissions indicated that Mr. Avery had contacted authorities about speeding cars on David Whites Lane.

Additionally, during the traffic stop, Mr. Avery was found to be in possession of two prescription drugs, acetaminophen with oxycodone and roxicodone.

Well, all those narcotics explain why Avery thought it would be a good idea to call the cops and report that the cars he was definitely throwing shit at were allegedly speeding—at least by the rough estimation of the douchebag that was throwing shit at them. They must just love him in Southampton Village.

Avery was quickly processed and released on $500 bail. He was issued a ticket and will have to appear in Southhampton Village Justice Court at an unknown date.

Hilary Rhoda must feel like the luckiest girl in the world! In a decision that she will surely come to regret, the international supermodel is set to tie the knot with Avery on Oct. 10. The wedding will take place at the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill, Long Island.

That’s assuming Avery doesn’t run afoul of the law again and end up in jail or get drunk and fall asleep in a gutter. Let’s hope for Rhoda’s sake that he does.

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