Why The 2017 NBA Playoff Futures Could Still Shift

By Jonathan K.

The 2017 NBA Playoff futures seem settled but free agency still hasn’t settled down enough for the odds to have settled.

Even if we ignore the fact that Cleveland star Kyrie Irving wants a trade and where he moves is going to impact odds entirely, not to mention his future is tempering the odds. There are still a number of free agents looking for home that could impact future betting.
Veterans such as Deron Williams and Tony Allen have names that carry enough weight that could impact the odds. Nikola Mirotic is also a three-point range shooter who has height that is currently in a stalemate with Chicago that may not shift the futures hugely, but should impact a bettor’s decision.

Younger bucks like Shabazz Muhammad and Nerlens Noel  are also looking for new homes. However, they could also still end up right where they started, question marks that bettors should keep in mind given expectations.

You can check out the full 2017 NBA Playoff futures below, pulled from Bovada.