2018 MLB Future Odds: Dodgers Rise

By Jonathan K.
2018 MLB Future Odds

The 2018 MLB future odds have been shortened while some teams are mathematically out of contention for the playoffs.

The 2018  future odds have shifted since the last time we checked in during the All Star break. The usual are on top of the list, Houston Astros, Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, but behind them is a new team.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are now tied with New York as the third best odds in the futures.

You can see the full 2018 MLB future odds below:

Houston Astros 4/1
Boston Red Sox 5/1
Los Angeles Dodgers 6/1
New York Yankees 6/1
Chicago Cubs 8/1
Cleveland Indians 8/1
Washington Nationals 18/1
Milwaukee Brewers 20/1
Philadelphia Phillies 20/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 25/1
Atlanta Braves 25/1
Colorado Rockies 25/1
Seattle Mariners 25/1
Oakland Athletics 33/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 50/1
San Francisco Giants 50/1
St. Louis Cardinals 50/1
Los Angeles Angels 250/1
Tampa Bay Rays 250/1
Minnesota Twins 500/1
Toronto Blue Jays 500/1